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I was never really passionate about a job until securing a position at the TSB Bank.

I continued to work there for 15 years, securing my long service award before leaving. I left to have my third child, and caring for my three tamariki has been, and continues to be, the most incredible job of my life. 

But I am ready to return to work for adult conversations, something that fills my cup. 

During my years at TSB, I was known for my adaptability to fulfill multiple positions, creating diverse ranges of expertise. I enjoyed seeing different branches, staff, and customers, but I did enjoy my longer stints within one branch. 

I am looking forward to being able to have a home away from home in my working life. 

My beautiful tamariki are growing up, and I am excited about my next challenge. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

020 407 36762

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